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Navarra Cybersecurity Center

Navarra Cybersecurity Center

The one stop shop for cybsersecurity services in Navarre

Services for companies, resources, training, laboratory and test benches, meeting points and all the information that the regional community needs.

Promoting cybersecurity for social and economic growth.

"Navarra Cybersecurity Center (NCC) is the centre of reference for cybersecurity in Navarre.

Its main objectives is to promote the development of cybersecurity initiatives that augment cyber-resilience in all sectors of the Autonomous Community of Navarre (citizens, business fabric - with special emphasis on SMEs and the self-employed) and become established as a one stop store to respond to digital security incidents for citizens and companies.

The initiatives will be geared towards boosting the cybsercurity sector in terms of the range of services offered in the region, and in the demand for and use of such services. The strategic aim of the service is to contribute towards the socio-economic transformation of Navarre in a digital, hyper-connected environment.

The centre was born as an initiative of the Regional Government of Navarre and was established as part of the CIBERREG collaborative project, coordinated by the region with the participation of 9 other autonomous communities.

The CIBERREG programme receives funding from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which forms part of the RETECH programme (Territorial Technology Specialisation Networks)."

5 lines of action in Navarre

Navarra Cybersecurity Center (NCC) has established 5 lines of action, which frame the entire spectrum of activities offered by the centre:

L.A. 1

Creation of the Navarra Cybersecurity Center.



Creation of the Navarra Cybersecurity Center.


Rapid diagnostics and personalised improvement route map towards cybersecurity resilience for SMEs and the self-employed.


Monitoring cyberspace to find threats to regional society.

"The NAVARRA CIBERSECURITY CENTER was established as one stop shop to respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Its other strategic objective is to raise awareness amongst local citizens and connect them to the cybersecurity services offered by INCIBE.


  • Set in motion a fast and simple diagnostic system for SMEs to enable their level of maturity in cybersecurity to be detected in a workshop.
  • Define a route map to acquire further resilience based on the results of the diagnostics, the size and type of company.
  • Establish a system of recommended providers that can be used as a support to make the proposed improvement route map a reality. A Catalogue of Services and Cybersecurity Companies proposed in another line of action shall be created for this purpose.
  • Set in motion a cyber-watch service for campaigns of cyberattacks that are active or being prepared to attack regional administrations, companies and citizens.
  • Identify credentials that have been stolen or put up for sale."

L.A. 2

Promote the business ecosystem in the cybersecurity sector



Catalog of Products and Services from Cybersecurity providers


Offer applications for grants to the private sector to boost cybersecurity resilience


Launch a Cybersecurity Web Portal for regional SMEs and the self-employed

"The aim is to provide a sequenced and structured range of cybersecurity products and services to the business sector to make them more competitive in response to cyberattacks.

Grants will therefore be defined and set in motion to facilitate the consumption of security products and services from the catalogue

Subsequent phases shall include a specific portal that wil function as a one stop shop for cybersecurity projects, cases and/or incidents in Navarre"

L.A. 3

Demonstration centres



Demonstration laboratory of secure work places for SMEs and self-employed workers


Demonstration laboratory of industrial cybersecurity

The demonstration laboratory of secure work places for SMEs and the self-employed is defined as an extension of the initial diagnosis, and will enable this professional sector to discover, see and try out directly applied security systems and tools in their work place (when using office technology, navigating in the Internet, email, backup copies, etc.,).

The industrial cybersecurity laboratory will enable participants to discover and not only see but also ""touch"" cybersecurity devices designed for industrial contexts, manufacturing chains, etc. They will have the chance to discover SCADA systems, PLC robots, electromedical devices, etc.

L.A. 4

Talent management



Training cycles of at least 250 hours in cybersecurity


University Master's Degrees in Telecommunication Engineering, IT Engineering and Cybersecurity

These training cycles in cybersecurity shall be offered by public institutions (Navarre Employment Service), and by private bodies (Navarre Industry Association and the Club de Marketing de Navarra). Financial assistance shall be offered to provide incentives to participate in the cycles.

The Public University of Navarre will also collaborate in promoting and boosting participation through financial grants in three new master's degrees:

  • Master's Degree in Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Engineering (90 ECTS)
  • Master's Degree in IT and Cybersecurity Engineering (90 ECTS)
  • Master's Degree in Cybersecurity (60 ECTS)

L.A. 5

Awareness raising



Cybserscurity awareness-raising campaigns for businesses and citizens

Promote awareness-raising campaigns to empower SMEs, self-employed workers, citizens, especially the most vulnerable collectives such as minors and the elderly.

The following awareness-raising campaigns shall be developed and implemented:

  • Awareness raising campaign directed towards SMEs and the Self-Employed to create best practices in the “Management and use of IT information systems”.
  • Awareness raising campaign directed towards citizens on “Safe use of the Internet and personal electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets”.
  • Awareness raising campaign directed towards minors on the “Safe use of social networks”.
  • Awareness raising campaign directed towards the elderly on the “Safe use of the Internet”.
  • Awareness raising campaign directed towards citizens on ""Shopping and safe use of personal electronic banking"".

Social and economic impact

The project will have a clear impact on three key axes in Navarre:

  • Direct and indirect job creation, to manage the Navarra Cybersecurity Center and its associated services.
  • Creation of digital talent, to meet the great demand for professionals that the sector will need in the coming years.
  • Economic impact. The regional business ecosystem will become more resilient to cyber-threats and will contribute to boosting both supply and demand of products and services. 

Cybersecurity events and news